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We grow our succulents using traditional methods. With eight permanent employees who love plants and a permanent group of schoolchildren in our own nursery. Would you like to drop by sometime to get acquainted with our nursery and admire our large assortment of succulents in real life? Cozy! Please contact us for more information.

Do you have a question about our products or want to know more about our sales? Please contact our team via

Van der Hoorn Succulenten BV
Nieuwveensjaagpad 64
2441 EK Nieuwveen

T. 0172 539553


Van der Hoorn Succulents 

Since 1977. The third and current owner, Menno de Vries, shares the same passion as his predecessors: succulents. This makes us specialized in the cultivation and trade of special species. Grown with passion and care.

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Wholesalers, exporters and cash&carry’s

The sale of our succulents is through Floriday. Here we supply wholesalers, exporters and cash&carry's. Order our succulents by logging in via Floriday or contact us for more information.

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